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Now you can filter hot products by category. We have 14 categories so far including gadgets, beauty, baby, pets, jewelry, home and more!

Feel free to suggest more product categories!

Introducing Angage Retarget™ 🔁

With Angage Retarget™, you can easily retarget people who bought from someone else's store.

These are real, 100% verified buyers that we find with our proprietary technology. We profile thousands of buyers per day. In fact, we already profiled more than 75,000 buyers.

Because these are people that already purchased a particular item, you can now offer complimentary items to these people.

We have buyers that you can retarget in 14 niches including watches, nutra, beauty, smoking, clothing, sports, supplements, gadgets and more.

To learn more:

Charts on open data

At Angage, we are embracing transparency and openness by sharing our app and revenue metrics with everyone.

I added some charts where you, as a user, can easily see how many hot products and stores the tool is adding per month and how many sale orders it is tracking per month.

Just browse:


Angage Staff

Real-time ePacket availability

We added real-time ePacket availability for hot products. Now you can easily check if this product is available with e-packet in the country you want to ship.

AliExpress seller real-time stats

We revamped the hot product page, which now features Aliexpress Seller Real-time stats with the number of orders from that seller and countries that the orders were done from.

Sales Stats with Custom Range

As you know on our Pro plan, you can also see sales stats for sales we track across our network of stores (~45,000+ stores atm).

Now you can choose the range you want to see stats for. It can be fixed (today, yesterday, last week, last month, this month) as well as custom.

There you can see:

  • Products being sold the most (how many units, from which store, etc)
  • Stores that are selling the most;
  • Most served locations;

Only tested products

We put together an internal team to test products and directly see what sells. We are going to deliver those proven products to users of our "ultimate" plan.

This is an option that I just introduced and it is ideal for people who are already dropshipping and making money (so they can scale quickly).

If you are a dropshipper making at least 2k/day, contact me at to know more!

Product Video Creation

Would you like an awesome video for your ads?

We'll create a perfect video of the product you want to sell/dropship, branded with your logo, website and CTA, in less than 24 hours, for just 20$.

Protect Your Store from Competitors

Do you want your competitors to be able to view your best selling products?

If not, you need to disable the best-selling page of your store. There are different solutions to do that but 99.9% of those are unreliable... until today.

We developed a solution that completely hides your Shopify best sellers from your competitors.

Interested? Check it out:

Suggested Targeting

Now, for hot products we also show:

  • Suggested Targeting Information
  • Media like related youtube videos and targeting images

See the improvements live here, on the free hot product of the day: ➡

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Angage will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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