AllSpice updates
AllSpice updates

Speed up reviews by adding "linguist-generated" project files




Not every file you track changes in revision control is meaningful for review. ECAD tools often have large spaghetti project files that you definitely want to keep in revision control, but aren't easily readable or useful to review.

If you want to add your files to repo AND want to see the diffs, use linguist-detectable in your .gitattributes file:
*.[pP][cC][bB][dD][oO][cC] diff=allspice linguist-detectable
*.[sS][cC][hH][dD][oO][cC] diff=allspice linguist-detectable

If you want to track your files, but want the diffs to be automagically collapsed, use linguist-generated. If you're using Altium, the *.prjpcb file is a great candidate to fold up the text file changes.
*.[pP][rR][jJ][pP][cC][bB] binary linguist-generated
*.test linguist-generated

As you can see here, the file is marked as "generated" and is folded so you don't have to read files you're not going to review. Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 4.59.11 PM.png