AllSpice updates
AllSpice updates

AllSpice 1.18.5-1 Release




We've released AllSpice v1.18.5-1 with many great improvements.

  • Adds new file tree viewer on left of file change / diff view

    • Navigating files and changes is now much, much easier file tree view.gif
  • Add new API endpoints for push mirror management

    • Add a push mirror to specific repository
    • Sync now ( send all the changes to the configured push mirrors )
    • Get list of all push mirrors of a specific repository
    • Get push mirror by ID
    • Delete push mirror by ID
  • Add case-insensitive search for "find files in repo"

  • Improvements to Altium rendering

    • Prevent blocking click handler for region directives in schematics
    • Support multipage component designators on PCBs (U21A, U21B, when U21A and U21B are separate ICs)
    • Render solder mask defaults to pads (traces, and vias coming soon)


Allspice 1.17.4-7 update




We've made some infrastructure improvements to help manage and maintain AllSpice.


  • Fixed bug that was causing 503 errors.

  • Upgrade to git 2.36.5 for security patches. Your security is our business.

Stay tuned for future updates.

Allspice 1.17.4-6 update




Allspice 1.17.4-6 has been released.

We have some improvements to our PCB and SCH rendering engine, chrysknife, as well as some bugfixes and quality of life improvments.

  • Update chrysknife to v0.1.7

    • Fix line height to be 1em for TrueType fonts
    • Resolve KiCad Footprint Text References
    • Create default for when a version of KiCad is unsupported
    • Handle unlocked token in fp_text position
    • Add Altium component library listing
    • handle other kicad page sizes
    • Parse KiCad 7 Stroke
  • Fix issue with 500 error from deleteing csv from base and head

    • Fixed issue with three-dot diff "…" failing when csv file was deleted from base and head branches because csv was comparing using the base blob instead of a common ancestor
  • Fix: removed vue warning for created files

KiCad Update




We've made improvements to KiCad rendering. If you're a member of our KiCad beta program, check your files with the new changes!

  • Adjusted the text size and removed text wrapping
  • Render component footprint graphics for PCBs
  • Render graphic items - line, text, rectangles, polygons, circles

Search component in PCB now pans and zooms




We've added the convenience of automatic pan and zooming on component search. Now when you search for a component, the view will automatically zoom in on the component and center it on the screen. Neat!

find compponent.gif

PCBs and Schematics load faster!

[New] Announcing AllSpice Hub's blazing new rendering engine Chrysknife, named after the tool of choice of the lead character of Frank Herbert's book Dune. There's a spice joke in there for Dune fans. If your arms are too tired to read a book, there are a few good Dune film adaptations out there.

Chrysknife rendering engine

It works behind the scenes translating your ECAD files into schematics and PCBs and it's much, much faster than our previous version. Design reviews and issues covering many files will now load significantly faster, so you can get your designs done!



PS, if you know why Paul Atreides is not a hero, shhh, don't spoil it.

Add people to your teams




We've updated the teams add team member interface to invite new users to the platform. You can simply add their email address, they'll receive login instructions, and they'll automatically be added to your team. If you set up your team access permissions, you'll know exactly what files they can read and write.

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 3.56.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 3.56.55 PM.png

AllSpice Hub adds component search

[New] One of the most requested features!

Now your technicians, contract manufactures, or even you can search for components with their reference designators.

If you see any issues with the new part search, we'd love to hear it at


Fix issue where show more files never load




We fixed a bug where reviews weren't loading after clicking "show more". The files should correctly load and you'll be able to complete your reviews!


You shouldn't see this message anymore image.png

We've got discounts!

[New] We've added coupons to our processing to make it easier to try our software. Come claim your coupon and try out AllSpice with your own files, risk-free. image.png