AllSpice updates
AllSpice updates

RSS feeds for repos and organizations

Review your notifications in the comfort of your RSS reader.

Visit http://allspice.hub/username/repo.rss to view the feed.

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Search for files by name

We've made it easier to navigate repos with many files. We've added a go-to-file feature in our repos. You can now click on the go-to-file button and start typing the files you're searching for.

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Mark design review files as viewed

We're doing the hard work so your eyeballs can focus on what's important. You can now mark files in a design review as viewed. You won't have to look at them again unless you want to or you receive a notification that they've changed.

We've even added a counter to tell you how many files are in review, and how many you've viewed. Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 4.07.43 PM.png

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Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 3.29.59 PM.png

We also include the number of pending comments in the review button so you can see what's pending.

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Better mobile experience

We've improved the mobile experience of AllSpice Hub. We've refactored a lot of the front-end without making major changes.

The new design is more responsive and should work better on phones and tablets.



Permanent issue and design review deletion

Did someone accidentally add confidential information or didn't follow compliance?
Did someone approve a design review with critical design errors? Now you can permanently delete design reviews (PRs) and issues. With great power comes great responsibilities, so don't delete anything you'll miss.

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Issue ID persists across migrations

When you migrate a repository, the original IDs will persist.

Why lose important organization when you can just migrate it?

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Automatic table of contents in Wikis

We just made wikis easier to use. Every AllSpice Hub repo can have a wiki, but instead of manually having to make table of contents, the tool does it for you automatically. Document your project and communicate with your team with ease.

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Upload more files

We've increased the file limit for manual uploads using the web interface. Sometimes it's handy to use the web interface to add files instead of tracking and syncing using the git interface. Now you can upload so many more files.

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Improvements to PCB net highlighting

We've improved the PCB net highlighting by changing the colors and increasing the contrast. It should be easier to see nets transitioning between layers. The net highlighting also works better with existing highlights from diffs (green for new, yellow for changed, and red for deleted). Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 1.20.49 PM.png

Users can now see how many committers they have in organizations

Users can now see how many committer seats they're using by visiting their organization teams. If the team has write access, everyone in the team counts towards your license seats.

If you want to have users with read-only access, create a separate team with read-only access and you can have unlimited users on that team and won't count towards your license seat count.

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