All External Links Now Open in New Tabs Plus Bug Fixes

All external links from the Alli AI dashboard now open in a new tab or window!

This was probably the most requested change over the last few months...

Now you've got it ;)

Any external links will have an "arrow" icon next to them, that way you know ahead of time that a new tab will be opened...

That's it!

Plus, our most recent update included a number of small bug fixes. Everything from typos to fixing an issue with the New Keywords form that affected Safari users...

So keep the feedback coming, and we'll keep making Alli AI better!

Quickly Cancel Tasks That Aren't Right for You

Have some tasks or link possibilities that you know right away aren't right for your site?

Hey, Alli does her best but sometimes a keyword might have multiple meanings (delivering non-topic link possibilities), or you know for other reasons you can't have a link...

You can now dismiss those automagically ;)

There's now a checkbox to the left of every task on the task category pages, just click that box then use the "bulk cancel" button at the bottom....y voila!

We've had a number of users request this, and we hope this will save you a bunch of time and make your Alli experience even better =)

Quality of Life Changes

Yesterday we implemented 20+ small changes we're calling "Quality of Life" improvements.

Among them are bug fixes, faster load times on your dashboard as well as small UI/UX changes like link previews for certain tasks and much more.

A lot of these were requested or reported by our users, so we're happy to go live with them to make your Alli experience even better.


Update to the OnSite Algorithm

Here at Alli, we have five different task finder algorithms to help you optimize your site.

We're proud to launch a major upgrade to our OnSite task finder.

On Site tasks are code, technical (and sometimes content) factors that affect your entire website.

After running data analysis on 1,000+ sites, we've added a dozen new algorithmic task checks for our On Site algorithm.

What are they?

Well, we'll keep that a secret for our customers ;)

So log in to Alli AI today, check out your OnSite tasks and start ranking higher in Google!

Find Contributor and Guest Post Opportunities with Alli AI

Contextual links in articles about your niche are some of the best links you can get for SEO.

Now Alli will show you how to get them!

Alli AI is proud to announce that we've just launched a "Contributor" module for our "Outreach Link" algorithm.

What this module does is examination your niche for guest posting and article contributor opportunities and then recommend those link opportunities to you.

Please note that we're still learning and fine tuning the algorithm!

Your recommendations can be very different from keyword-to-keyword. So if you don't like the Contributor link recommendations Alli gives you for one keyword, just change your Focus Keyword and Alli will find some more links for you 😉

Alli will then give you step-by-step instructions on how to pitch, write and post your article for maximum SEO impact.

You can expect anywhere from five to 25 contributor link recommendations for every keyword you optimize.

So log in to Alli AI today, check out your Outreach links and start ranking higher in Google!

Announcing 24/7 Customer Support

We're proud to announce that we've just launched a 24/7 customer support team.

So no matter where you are and what time of day it is, Alli AI will have support staff standing by to help you get more SEO traffic.

Whenever you need help, just hit the "Help" button in the bottom right corner of your screen, and we'll get to you ASAP.

You can also email us anytime here


Manually Set Your Focus Keyword

It's been one of our most requested features, and now you've got it.

Normally, Alli's algorithm decides which keyword is the most important for you to optimize. But, sometimes you might want to decide that for yourself ;)

So you can now manually set your Focus Keyword and have Alli tell you how to optimize your site for that keyword.

Simply click the "Edit" button next to that keyword in your keyword table. Then click the "Set Focus Keyword" button y voilà!

You can manually reset your Focus Keyword every twelve hours. So have fun and get to ranking!

Local Keyword Tracking and Optimization Now Supported

We've add full localization support for local keyword rank tracking and optimization.

From now on, when you add new keywords you'll have the option to track them locally or nationally.

You can track locally for virtually any town or city on Earth. Your task suggestions will also be catered to your local competition for that keyword.

To add local tracking to an existing keyword, simply click the "Edit" button next to that Keyword in your rank tracking table. From there, you can set local tracking to wherever you want! Enjoy =)

Update to Your Site(s) Overview

We've just pushed a small update to your Team Dashboard.

(This is the overview screen for the site(s) you've added to Alli.)

We've dropped the traffic projections from this screen. The reason we dropped them is we weren't happy with the quality of traffic data we were able to provide for our users.

Instead, we have replaced these numbers with an overview of your keyword rankings improvement since you started using Alli AI.

This is a better reflection of the value we provide and a more accurate representation of your Alli AI experience. But, this is a work in progress, and we're open to your feedback! ;)

So login to your team's dashboard and see your progress today!

The Niche Link Finder Just Got Smarter

Niche Links are the bread and butter of SEO, and we're here to help you get them.

...We've just completed an upgrade to our Niche Link Finder!

We've added some more Machine Learning input and some secret sauce to better estimate your probability of getting a recommended link.

This is especially true for link recommendations with high probability scores.

From now on, if you see a Niche Link in your dashboard with a high probability score, chances are you can build that link.

For more information about our Niche Link Finder, check out this page: