Alli AI changelog
Alli AI changelog

New Billing System




Hey guys! Kyle here. We've just launched new, scalable, usage based billing.

Just hop over to the billing page, and you can scale your company's usage for pages and keywords up or down depending on your agency's needs.

We hope this will help make life easier on your agency and SEO team. Enjoy!

Say Hello to (Customer) Success




Alli AI Founder & CEO Kyle here.

Just wanted to take this moment to introduce you to our two new Customer Success team members: Sebastiaan and Sharon.

Sebastiaan joins us from the SEO agency side and will be helping us upgrade every part of the Alli AI experience (and will be helping your business maximize Alli AI).

Sharon has many years of experience with technical support and will help you get around Alli AI and get done whatever you need to!

Say hello when you have a chance, and just know that we're always standing by to help in any way we can.

More soon. =)

Cheers - Kyle

New Live Editor Beta Just Opened!




We've just launched the Beta version of our new Live Editor feature.

With the Live Editor, you can optimize the content for any page on any website, without learning a CMS or waiting on a dev team.

Just click the headline or text you want to change, then optimize away =)

You can edit any text, content or HTML anywhere on the page, update the page title and meta description, and do pretty much any optimization you can imagine.

Content changes will go live as soon as you click save =)

Check it out here and let us know if you have any questions!

Cheers - Kyle

New Keyword Data Fields




Hey ​​there, just a head's up that we've just added two new data fields to your Keywords!

Competition: This is what it sounds like =) We estimate how difficult the keyword will be to rank for, based on a 0 (easy) to 100 (hardest) scale. (Alli) Score: Your keyword's Score is an estimate of how much value a short optimization campaign and rankings jump will deliver to the site every month. One note: We're still refining our algorithms, so data may not yet be available for all keywords. We'll keep working on them though =)

Head on over to your site's keywords to see them. Have a great day!

Cheers - Kyle

All About Reports: White Label, Work Done and Automations Export






Just a head's up that we've just deployed several new updates to our Reports feature.

1.) White Label Your Reports(!!!)

You can now add your brand and logo to Sales and Work Done Reports. To upload your logo, find the "Edit Team" link on the top right of your Team overview page (the one that lists all the sites).

2.) …Speaking of which, the Work Done Report is live!

Need to show your clients what all you've been up to? The Work Done Report will show them an overview of all the Recommendations that are live, plus details on any links you've built or other changes made in our system over the last month. Check it out under the Reports menu, and show your client how hard you've been working. =)

3.) Export the FULL LIST of Automations

Warning! Warning! This file may be big.

We've added a Recommendations Export report, which - you guessed it - is a big ole spreadsheet of every single change you've made for your clients with our Automations sytem. You can use it to add transparency to your SEO campaigns and also to remind clients that this isn't work they want to be doing themselves =)

One note: In the interest of brevity, we only show the first instance of Automations that are repeated across other pages on the site.

Check them all out under "Reports" in your left hand menu.

More soon!

Cheers - Kyle

Automation Recommendations Page Refactor






Just a head's up, we've just pushed a refactor to our Automation module's Recommendations page.

Previously you've had issues with bugs and load errors on this page, particularly for large sites. Put simply, we had outgrown it ;)

In addition to the bug fixes and load improvements, we've added more details on your Recommendations plus the ability to approve certain categories on a case-by-case basis versus sitewide.

So, you get more granular control of your Automations plus a better experience.

Have a good one!

API v1 Access Is Live




Hey there! Guess what? We've just launched v1 of our API.

Our API is currently available for Agency and Enterprise users. To generate an API key, view the documentation and begin making requests, check out the "API Keys" link in the Team dropdown menu on the left hand side of your dashboard.

We currently have endpoints for Sites, Keywords and a sample of the Automation Recommendations available.

Reports Beta Has Launched




Hey guys, just a head's up that we've just launched the Beta version of our new Reports feature.

You can now export Keywords history, ranking and data reports in CSV format.

You can also create a Site Report PDF that will show an overview of the ranking opportunities, OnPage optimizations and more to just to (potential) clients or for internal use.

You can find both Reports in the left hand menu inside your dashboard.

We're still working on both features so welcome any and all feedback!


Self-Optimizing SEO is now Automations






Head's up! The artist formerly known as Self-Optimizing SEO is now called "Automations". You can find your Automations tool on the left-hand and top menus. All functionality is the same, just with a new, shorter and more accurate name. Cheers!

Better Sub-Domain Support







Need to optimize just a sub-domain? Now you can. Just add the sub-domain URL as a new site, and we'll create automations and track keywords and performance for that sub-domain only.

Our site crawler now also defaults to crawling all sub-domain pages when optimizing for a root domain.