Alli AI changelog
Alli AI changelog

Keyword Rankings Fix





Just a head's up:

There was a bug over the past few days where keyword rankings were being erroneously shown as not ranking in the top 100.

We've now fixed the bug.

Site Dashboard Re-Design





Hey there! We've just deployed a redesigned dashboard. We've update the Site overview to include more information about your Self-Optimizing Automations, Pages, Organic Traffic and more.

We've also refreshed the Keywords overview page and added a new top menu to more easily jump around modules.

We'll be adding and tweaking more to the dashboard over time, so stay tuned!

Add Notes to Manual Tasks





We just added a "Notes" box to all manual tasks. Need to communicate between team members on getting a task done or leave a reminder for yourself? Just leave a note in the box, and hit save.

Niche Link Finder Bug Fix





Greetings! We just deployed an update to fix an issue with our Niche Link Finder where some sites weren't receiving Niche Links for their Focus Keyword. Enjoy!

Rankings and Recommendations Bug Fixes





Attention! We just pushed fixes for two bugs:

  • There was an issue where keywords would sometimes erroneously report as being unranked, when in fact the site does rank in the top 100 of Google for that keyword.
  • Our Self-Optimizing alert emails were giving an inaccurate recommendation count in the body of the email.

Both of these are now fixed!

Also, just a word of note: we are constantly working on improving this software. Many of our releases are for backend improvements that as a user you might not immediately notice, so they don't warrant a post here.

But! If you ever see an issue or have an idea, please do drop us a line in the support chat ;)


New Self-Optimizing Recommendations Page Design





Just a head's up that we did a redesign on the Recommendations page for the Self-Optimizing SEO tool.

Our goal with the redesign was to a.) make the page load faster! and b.) give you a good overview of all the code and content optimizations you have.

We appreciate all of the feedback you've given us, and we'll keep working to make everything the best we can!

Need Help Installing the Code Snippet? Email Your Dev!





To install the Self-Optimizing SEO tool, you just need to add one line to your <head>.

Have a developer or tech guy who normally handles your website? We added a shiny new, little button on the Self-Optimizing code installation page and on-boarding wizard to drop him a line with the code snippet and instructions on installing it.

No need to add them to your Alli team or copy and paste, just click the button ;)

Fixes Loading Issues on Self-Optimizing Recommendations page





We just deployed some updates to our Self-Optimizing SEO Recommendations page to improve the load speed of the page, reduce server load, and fix various small issues with viewing and approving Recommendations that users have been experiencing.

Thank you for the feedback from all the new (and returning!) users! We're working around the clock to handle the growth and continue improving the Self-Optimizing SEO tool.

Introducing Self-Optimizing SEO





Our old software showed you how to get more SEO traffic for your website.

It was ok. Helpful, but you still had to do the work.

I didn't know about you, but I'd much rather have somebody else doing the work than me!

Or…something else?

That's why we made Self-Optimizing SEO.

It's really simple, and it works like it sounds:

  • 1. You install the code snippet on your site.
  • 2. You review and approve which SEO code changes you want.
  • 3. That's it. Your site is optimized.

Some of our early testers have already had tens of thousands of SEO code changes done for their sites in literally seconds.

Plus, we're adding more and more optimizations every day. So as we're able to do more SEO optimizations for you, we will.

You just install the code, click approve and your site is optimized.

I've gotta be honest: It's magical. I keep adding our site over and over again just to play with it. I mean you just press "Approve" and your site is optimized!

To check it out just login to your account, you'll see the "Self-Optimizing SEO" link on the left hand menu.

Or if you add a new site, our installation wizard will walk you through everything step-by-step (takes five minutes).

We're still rolling the Self-Optimizing tool out across all accounts, so be on the lookout for an email once it's live for your account!

Bulk Keyword Deletion, Performance Improvements





You've asked for it, now you've got it. We've just added bulk keyword deletion to the Alli AI dashboard.

Now you can delete as many keywords from your rank tracking and optimization at once as you want.

NOTE: Please do keep in mind that when you delete keywords from a site, you will lose any optimization tasks associated with that keyword.

We've also made some across the board performance improvements that should lead to a snappier look and feel to your Alli AI dashboard.

We've also laid the foundation for some more stuff to come….

More soon!