Aftersell changelog
Aftersell changelog

March 13th 2023




Hi everyone, hope you've had a great weekend! Here's a list of some exciting updates that happened recently!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

Duplicating 1-Click Upsells

When creating a brand new 1-Click Offer, you will now see an option to "Copy Existing Offer".

This will ask you which funnel you want to copy from, and what upsell you want to copy! Either Upsell #1, Upsell #2, or the Downsell offer from your targeted funnel.

This should speed up funnel creation progress by a lot, and is a huge quality of life improvement for the app!

Skip Upsell Page if Product

For multi-product offers, in the "Product Information" widget, you'll now see a new setting called "Skip page if any upsell product is in original order".

Very similar to the setting that hides products when they're already in the order, except this setting will actually skip the entire upsell page instead!

If the skipped page is Upsell #1, then the Downsell offer will be shown next! If the skipped page is Upsell #2 or the Downsell, then it will take your customer to the Thank You Page!

Multi-Product Limit Increase

Multi-product upsells used to be limited to 6 items, but now the limit has been increased to 12 product! That's double the chance to convert your customer, and double the chance to boost your profits!

That's it for now, hope you all keep enjoying AfterSell! πŸš€

February 27th 2023




Hi again everyone!

We've got 3 brand new triggers to talk about today, along with an amazing way to customize your Storewide Popup Discounts!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

Storewide Popup Custom HTML Fields

Our Storewide Popup Discount widget now has a few custom HTML Fields! One for the popup itself, and one for the bar that shows on the bottom of the page.

These insert Custom HTML code at the beginning of the popup and bar. This is exciting because it now allows your to integrate links, buttons, imagery, and even script tags onto the popup with custom code!

Product Tag Trigger

Allows you to specify specific product triggers to look for in your customer's original order. This trigger, along with all the other "tag" triggers, is case sensitive. So please keep that in mind.

For example, if your store has a "Jewelry" collection, and each product has a tag ("Gold", "Silver", or "White Gold").

You could check if your customer purchased a product tagged "Silver", and offer them more Silver Jewelry.

Product/Collection Exclusion Trigger

This trigger allows you to specify products that will not show the funnel when purchased. This goes well with the Product/Collection Trigger to create specific scenarios.

For example, offering a Shampoo + Conditioner bundle if the customer purchases soap, but hasn't already purchased Shampoo or Conditioner.

Once Per Customer Trigger

This trigger is useful if you want your funnel to only display once per customer. Scenarios where this would be useful is if you're offering an extremely generous deal and only want your customers to see it once. This also allows you to create a line-up of funnels to show your customers.

For example, if you have 3 funnels with the "Once Per Customer" trigger enabled then your customer will see 3 different offers for their next 3 purchases, since they'll be working their way through your line-up of funnels that you've built.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy all these new updates and all the capabilities that come with them!

Thanks so much for using AfterSell!πŸš€

February 6th 2023




Hi there everyone, hope you had a great weekend! I have another list of exciting updates to talk about this week!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

Edit All Products

We've added a "Edit All Products" button to the Product Information widget for multi-product offers. This lets you change the settings for all of the products, which is much faster than having to select each individual product and applying the same settings manually!

This will save all of you a lot of time and make the experience much more enjoyable, so this is an update that I'm sure we're all happy to see!

Collection Offer

When selecting Multi Product as your offer type, you'll now see a "Collection" option! You can choose whether you want anywhere from 2 to 6 products displayed in the offer as well.

Currently this offer type will display the newest products in the collection, and we'll be continuing to update this offer type as we hear feedback on it!

So please don't be afraid to share your feedback on this in our live chats on the bottom right of AfterSell.

Advanced Quantity Settings

When selecting β€œShow quantity selector” there will now be a β€œShow advanced quantity settings” button that you can click.

This will show a lot of brand new settings to play with. One of which being the ability to lock the quantity so that your customer cannot change it. Selecting this will also allow you to add additional formatting to the quantity.

There's also a preset setting so that you can choose what quantity to display for a product once the upsell is shown.

This can either be:

  • A fixed number or
  • Based on a percentage of your customer's total quantity in the original order.

Dashboard Revamp

We changed the way the AfterSell dashboard looks now!

It now showcases a few case studies that were made, highlighting a few popular merchants have seen a lot of success and profits when using AfterSell!

We also added small graphs next to the dashboard analytics so you get a glimpse as soon as you load into the app, saving you time!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're all enjoying your time with AfterSell! πŸš€

January 16th 2023




Hello again everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Just a small update from this week!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

Offer Selection Rework

We made offer creation a much nice experience! Previously after selecting "Manual" for your upsell offer, it would then ask you if you'd like a single product or multi-product offer.

Now this is asked first, which makes things like creating multiple Automatic Upsells a lot faster and easier!

One thing to note is if you choose Multi-Product > Most/Least Expensive Product, then it will create a multi-product offer with a single "Most/Least Expensive Product" in it.

This is because displaying the most or least expensive product from your customer's order multiple times would look poor, but you might still be interested in adding additional items to the offer after its creation!

That's it for the week, a very quick update!

Hope you're all enjoying your time with AfterSell! πŸš€

January 10th 2023




Hi again everyone, a pretty impressive update for this week!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

"Request Trigger" Button

The bottom of the trigger list now has a button to request a particular trigger implementation. It will open a chat window with a pre-filled message. Just let us know what you're interested in and we'll log it!

Discount Code Trigger

We implemented a trigger that can be used to detect whether a specific discount code was used in the original order or not. Check it out in the trigger list!

Thank You Page Upsell Drop-off Chart

The analytics section now shows a drop-off chart.

This shows you a few things:

  • What % of your Thank You Page impressions lead to Accept button clicks
  • What % of your button clicks lead to orders.

Order Browser Improvements

Added Payment Gateways

We added detection for orders placed with Stripe and Bogus payment gateways. They'll now be detected in the order browser!

"Multiple Trigger Checks" Banner

If someone refreshes the page while on the payment step of the checkout process, or if they move back to a previous step and then back to the payment step, it causes AfterSell to check the triggers multiple times.

Multiple trigger checks will show in your Order Browser, and has brought up concerns with some merchants. This is completely intentional and doesn't affect your funnel at all. We've added a yellow banner explaining this when this has been detected.

AfterSell will always use the most recent trigger check, ensuring your customers see the correct funnel.

Page Size Reduction

Each page now loads 20 orders instead of 50, decreasing load time so that you can get access to the information as soon as possible.

Currency Changes

The order browser now shows all order totals in your store's default currency to give you an idea of the revenue generated for that order.

If you enter an order, you'll see the prices in the actual currency used in the order so that you know whether an order was multi-currency or not.

That's it, there was a lot to cover for sure!

Thanks again for using AfterSell! πŸš€

January 3rd 2023






Hello again everyone!

Hope you had an amazing New Years and I hope you all have some great profits in the new year!

There's been a lot of updates and changes since my last update, but I'll summarize some of the bigger ones for you below!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

Currency Trigger

This handy trigger will allow you to specify whether a funnel should only show to international currencies or should only show to your store's default currency instead.

This allows you to design a funnel that only contains Thank You Page offers, and only shows to customers who don't use your store's default currency.

Very useful for working around Shopify's 1-Click Upsell Limitations!

Shipping Country Trigger

Another useful trigger which allows you to work around those same restrictions.

This helps you to determine whether an order will have duties/landing costs (which is one of Shopify's restrictions), and also allows you to offer different shipping rates on the upsells depending on the original order's country!

πŸ› οΈ Fixes πŸ› οΈ

Conflicting Triggers

Previously you were able to select "Show For All Customers" and specific triggers at the same time!

This lead to some confusion, since it doesn't make sense to show a funnel to everyone, yet only to specific people as well.

So we made sure that the more specific triggers will be disabled once "Show For All Customers" is selected.

Text & Image Widget Off-Center

For multi-product 1-Click upsells, the "Text & Image" widget was displaying off-center.

This was quickly fixed after it was reported in, so thank you all for your help!

October 31st- November 7th




Hello everyone!

A few issues were fixed this week, see them below!

πŸ› οΈ Fixes πŸ› οΈ

Conversion Rate & Accepted Orders Analytics Charts

These charts were temporarily removed from our Analytics Section so that we could do maintenance on them, however they're back now and are correctly displaying the information (even from when they were removed)!

Thank You Page Translations

The translation fields for the Thank You Page were temporarily not displaying the translations, and would instead display the defaults.

However they're now back up and running properly thanks to our hard-working development team! πŸ› οΈ

That's it! If you're in a snowy climate, stay safe! Winter is coming! ❄️

Thanks again for using AfterSell! πŸš€

October 17th - 24th




Hi again everyone! πŸ‘‹

Hope you're ready for the barrage of candy-hungry children, because Halloween is only a week away now! πŸŽƒ

Just a small update from this past week!

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

Renaming the Cart Value Trigger

This trigger used to say "Cart Value", which caused some confusion!

So we've changed the name of this trigger to "Order Value".

This should help make it more clear that it looks for the order's total value (including taxes and shipping) !

Thanks so much for using AfterSell! πŸš€

We can't wait to see your stores thrive!

October 10th - October 17th




Hey there everyone! Here's another great update for you.

πŸ“€ Updates πŸ“€

New Image Setting

At first, you would not be able to have much control over how the images in the image carousel are displayed. If the images were too big, they'd crop to fit a perfect square.

Some merchants had concerns about their images cropping! So now we've added an additional image setting to address this!

Now if you enable the image carousel, you should see a "Show Carousel Images as Perfect Squares" setting! Unchecking this setting will stop AfterSell from cropping your carousel images.

Thank you so much for the merchants who gave us feedback on this, AfterSell is consistently improving thanks to you!

That's it! I hope you're all enjoying your time with AfterSell, and I also hope you have a wonderful week! πŸš€

September 26th- October 3rd




Hey there everyone!

October has finally started, hopefully you're ready for the spooky season! πŸ‘»

Just have one fix from last week to bring up!

πŸ› οΈ Fixes πŸ› οΈ

Thank You Page "Out of Stock" for Collections

There was a small bug that would display collections as Out of Stock on the Thank You Page editor.

We fixed this really quickly though so now your Thank You Page editors should show stock for collections now!

That's it for last week!

Hope you have a great start to your October, stay safe!

Thanks so much for using AfterSell! πŸš€