Lots of new event management stuff!

Based on feedback from the community, managing events is one of the biggest missing links in the existing toolkit. So today we added a number of features to our beta version to make the basics easier. Now you can:

  • Automatically import your events from ActionNetwork (other CRM's coming in the future)
  • Toggle each member who RSVP'd to the event as "attended" or "didn't attend", so you know who needs a follow-up call
  • Print an attendance sheet to take to the event, when carrying your laptop is inconvenient (i.e., always :-) )
  • When new people show up at your meeting, easily add them into Affinity, which both creates a new person in ActionNetwork and also records the fact that they showed up.

In addition we've begun to add to the types of users you can have in Affinity. "Organizers" have full access to your group's list, while "Members" can see public information like which events are happening soon. Organizers can also see all the members of the group in one list (something you can't do in ActionNetwork natively), with a simple one-click button to email them directly

Whew! That was a big one. But more is on the way. If you have questions about these features or thoughts about new ones, email us! matt@affinity.works