resources section in dashboard

When a chapter group is formed, we create some tools for them, like a public signup page, and more goodies will be coming. This improvement makes things easier to find by adding a "resources" section to the group's dashboard.

automatic Google Groups!

We're really proud of this, and like nearly everything we do, it was built in response to the request of some great organizers, with an active nationwide group.

Remember when we added the ability for your members to create their own local chapter groups as part of your network? Now when that happens, you can choose to have a matching Google Group created, for the chapter to use as an internal message board/email list.

Facilitating communication among local volunteers is a need MANY people have identified. This new feature leverages one of the most popular and familiar tools for small-group communication, connected WITH the event and volunteer management abilities of Affinity.

add ability to "require" fields in custom form

We recently made it possible to create all kinds of custom forms for different purposes. This update extends that capability by making it possible to set some fields as required before a person can submit the form.

public "local chapter" creation

This is a big one! Grow your network more rapidly by allowing people to create their own new chapters with the click of a button. Newly-created chapters become part of your network automatically, the chapter creator becomes the organizer, and a "sign-up" form for the new chapter is published so it can begin to grow as well.

create "national networks"

Affinity is massively flexible when it comes to creating associations between different groups -- you can work together in whatever kind of network you like. But also it's very common for people to choose the form of a "national network", where one top group manages a lot of other smaller groups. So we made THAT form especially easy to set up and use.

removed broken activity feed

The list of recently-synced data on the group dashboard page had a lot of problems. It'll be back in a better form one day, but for now it caused more confusion than it was worth!

corrected phone number validation

We were a little too strict about what counts as a correct phone number. Now variations like 800.123.4567 and other unusual-but-valid formats are accepted.

create "volunteer" level access

Sometimes you have members who help run your organization, but you don't want to set them up as full-fledged "organizers". If you promote a member to a "volunteer" then they can view all information inside your Affinity group, but can't made any changes or deletions to it.

See the group hierarchy

If you're responsible for a whole network, you can now see the whole hierarchy. In the upper left of the screen click your name, and then "account", to see your profile page, which shows all your groups in an outline, with the children groups indented under the parent group.

Add / Edit a member

You could always add people to your synchronized Action Network group, but now you can add new members to your group directly in Affinity. And yes, the new people will sync over into Action Network if you've got a connected group there.

No published changelogs yet.

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