Add tags straight from Intercom

Tags are now supported in Acute for Intercom. Whenever you push feedback to Acute from Intercom, you can add a tag that post.

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Organize and categorize feedback with tags

With tags, you can now categorize feedback posts. This makes it much easier to organize and filter feedback posts based on specific criteria or characteristics.

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At Acute we are using 2 categories when tagging feedback:

Type - feature request, enhancement, bug

Product area - admin application, feedback widget, integration

Collect feedback from leads through Intercom Messenger

You can now allow leads to submit feedback through Intercom Messenger. If the user is a visitor without an email, the feedback form will have an additional email field.

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Sticky filters on the feedback page

You can now configure and set the filters you prefer on the feedback page and have it that way every time you enter it.

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Remove inactive users

To keep your data neat and organized you can now delete inactive users from a user's profile page.

Inactive users are accounts with no votes, comments or posts.

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Custom domain for public feedback page

You can set up your own domain for the public feedback page. This removes the Acute branding from the url and uses your website's domain instead.

To set it up, go to your DNS and add a CNAME record with your custom domain ( pointing to

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After that, just reach out to us with the domain you set up so we can enable it from our end.

Public standalone page for feedback

With our new standalone page for feedback, you can quickly and publicly share your feedback and roadmap page with a URL.

This can be extremely useful for asking for feedback through email, on twitter and sharing your roadmap publicly.

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Trello Integration

With the Acute Integration for Trello you can push and link Acute feedback to Trello cards. This way you can sync your feedback roadmap with your project management.

To get started, go to your Settings page and connect Acute to your Trello account and select which board and list to connect Acute to.

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After the Acute Power-Up has been successfully installed and configured, from the feedback page you will be able to push any feedback to Trello. The link to the Trello card will be present in the Details section at the Trello card field.

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After you click the Create card button a Trello card will be created and synced with that feedback. The link to the Acute post will be present in the attachment section of the card.

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Slack Integration

With our new Slack integration you can get instant notifications on Acute events such as when users submit new feature requests and leave comments.

To get started, go to your Settings page and connect Acute to your Slack team and select on which channel you want to get Acute's notifications.

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Once the Slack Integration has been installed you will get notified whenever someone posts a new feature request or leaves a comment.

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The Intercom feedback widget respects your brand colors now

If you are using the Intercom Integration, Acute will now use your Intercom Messenger's colors for actions 🎉

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