Issuing Booking Links (24 Oct 19) 📧

Do you ever need to send your customers or team members a direct link for booking your courses? How about a purchase link for vouchers? Or your products and services?

Booking links for your courses & products can be

  • Included in emails
  • Used in promotions on your website
  • Tweeted out to your followers

all to increase visibility of your courses and increase your course fill rates!

Booking links for your Class & Web Courses can be grabbed via the Display Links option:

Display Links

You can access shortcuts to your booking & purchase links via context menu options for

  • Products & Services
  • Vouchers
  • eLearning Courses
  • Knowledge Document Courses

Purchase Link Context Menu Option

If you have any questions about Booking or Purchase Links, please get in touch with our help desk team!