Coming Soon - Quick Attendance Marking! (9 Oct 19)

Marking course attendance is a key task for most course administrators.

Letting your accessplanit system know who turned up to your course, who completed, who failed not only allows you to accurately report on your attendance stats, it is also the quickest way for you to communicate updates with your delegates (i.e. 'thank you for attending' emails, 'your course has been cancelled' emails & 'congratulations you have passed' emails).

Introducing‚Ķ the Course & Delegate Status update tool! ūüéČ

In our next release (due out w/c 14th October) you will have access to a new option on your courses where you can quickly log the status of a course:

DataGrid Mark Course Attendance

At the top of the new window you can select the status of the course; i.e. update your course to 'Completed'.

The rest of the window contains a list of the delegates on the course where you can update their individual status as a delegate.

The window also contains a checkbox that will match your delegates' statuses to the course status, this works for Completed, Cancelled and In Progress courses.

You can check over the statuses assigned to all of your delegates before hitting 'Save'.

Edit Course & Delegate Status

We really hope you find this new feature useful, if you have any questions please get in touch with our Product Manager Jenna Culshaw ‚ú®