New design from the co-owners' side!

Care must be taken for co-owners who share the same asset. That's why we've redesigned our co-owner management module to make it even more flexible. Once the asset has been added, you can change the shares of a co-owner or add a new owner at any time.

The co-owner then receives an email notification to inform him that he shares an asset, he can then join an account where he shares the asset with his co-owners. Capture d’écran 2018-09-24 à 16.00.50.png

The Meta dashboard is ready to group several companies in the same account!

The super dashboard is the functionality that gives any organization the ability to re-create its organizational schema. Administrators can add multiple companies to the same account with the corresponding assets.

Here are some different contexts of use:

  • Lawyers can group all of their clients' assets
  • Companies can group all the assets of their subsidiaries
  • Incubators can group all the assets of their startups
  • Investment funds may include all the assets of the monitored companies

In your administration panel, you can manage your companies. When you add a French company with a SIRET number, we automatically import its patents, trademarks and domain name.

Capture d’écran 2018-09-19 à 17.30.13.png

At any time, you can switch from a global view that groups all the assets of all companies to a more detailed view where you can manage only the assets of a particular company

Capture d’écran 2018-09-19 à 17.33.49.png

Draft mode for document generation is available!

Our document generation module has been improved with the possibility of writing drafts. As soon as you start generating a new document, all the data inserted in the document and saved automatically. You can then resume generating your document later.

From your documents, you will find all your documents that have not been completed.

Capture d’écran 2018-09-19 à 17.01.19.png

When you press "draft" you resume the generation of your contract where you left off.

Capture d’écran 2018-09-19 à 17.05.03.png

Intellectual property gamification is live !

Intellectual property is difficult to understand for beginners, that's why we decided to implement a gamification in our IP roadmap.

Here is an example of the trademark roadmap:

Capture d’écran 2018-06-26 à 14.48.42.png

For each asset, the steps from 0% to 50% are the actions to protect your asset And from 50% to 100%, the actions to valorize your asset.

New add an asset page

We are really happy to launch our new "Add an asset" page that allows the user to add any intangible assets in his dashboard. 3 - AJOUT ACTIF.png

You can add these following assets

  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Domain Name
  • Copyright
  • Databases
  • Designs
  • Partnership
  • Know-how

For trademarks, patents and domain names already registered, the user has to enter the asset identification number to directly import all the asset data.

Blockchain to protect your creation

We have just released a new feature that allows any users to protect a creation with the technology blockchain (Ethereum Blockhain)

In seconds, you can upload the file you want to protect in order to get a certification of proof, with a time stamping proof.

This document allows you to demonstrate the anteriority of ownership in case of litigation.

Beta is online

First release of the beta version. Users can create their account and start listing their assets on the dashboard.

  • The SIREN import feature allows any users to import automatically trademarks and patents information in the dashboard thanks to our big data technologies. This feature is set only for French companies. We are working to make this feature available for the rest of the world, based on local companies number. import.jpg

  • The virtual assistant is a bot that asks the user some questions to complete the dashboard with others assets that we can't find on open data librairies like copyright, databases...!!!

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