202works changelog
202works changelog

Magic Links, bug fixes, improved validation experience, 60 day plan





This week we moved into our new offices (yay) and we're very excited to be back at it. We rolled out an update to improve the login experience for onboarding users, by providing them with Slack-like magic links when coming to our site for the first time, this is an improvement of our previous system of tokenized urls, which would error out after 1 attempt (for security). This means people can check out our onboard experience and comeback to it from the same link without getting locked out, and needing a password reset

During the course of that upgrade we uncovered some new bugs in the login and invite system which we were able to fix, including improving the form validation experience.

It's part of our plan to improve error handling in general now that we are moving past the MVP phase of our product. Once we raised funding we crafted a 60 day timeline to improve the polish and stability of the site in general. These tasks include preparing to scale, adding a more fully featured monitoring system, as well as updating the userland UI, data handling improvements, adding several features, and making the site more responsive and app-like.