202works changelog
202works changelog

Added Alert Integration





For some time we've been trying to find a nice solution to let us know when user began interacting with our site. While our vendor Intercom is supposed to support slack alerts for their Leads API, from our testing using our site and Postman, we just haven't seen that happen.

Fortunately, while I was taking a break from working on onboarding over the weekend I found a perfect integration that works well and will alert us when we get an invite. I still want to test it and make sure it does not have any of the gaps that I saw with the out of the box api/slack integration, but so far it looks really good.

This is important because our target audience are very busy people and if they are having trouble signing up or forgetting to go through our process we want to know immediately. We can spend 1000s of hours building in ease of use, but it is priceless to know when someone is stranded without them telling us, among many other use cases.