202works changelog
202works changelog

60 day plan update / post login screen





We're about halfway through our 60 day sprint and we've accomplished a lot of unsexy things that we'd been putting off - like setting up a complete clone of our production environment, setting up fully functional logging on all of our systems, and debugging our data pipeline.

While these don't make for great line items to put on our changelog, they are absolutely critical system improvements that had to be done immediately for site stability, and development ease.

For instance, without a clone of our production environment we don't really know how code will work until it is live at our url, and that's somewhat dangerous. Before we had this setup, we'd occasionally experience unexpected outages because of unforeseen differences in our dev/prod/local setups. That's just one example, but there are many. My nightmare is seeing "Internal Server Error" instead of our homepage, so I'm very happy we have all this in place now. It also makes testing things a lot safer, and easier.

We'd known that our data pipeline would occasionally have errors which would create problems in our data. Although most of these problems were isolated to a single profile, we take data accuracy very seriously, so that's been a constant focus in the past 30 days. I'm basically taking every case where we see errors and following it through our system trying to find bugs. I've discovered maybe 3-4 problems, but we're not done and I won't rest until we see even isolated errors go away.

Installing a better logging setup has greatly helped diagnose previously unknown errors.

Today we've just added a new post login menu that will make it easier to navigate our site for logging in users. Before the site would take people to the profile edit page, for convenience, but this new menu allows a user to easily see some of the most important things to do on 202Works.

My schedule this week is crammed with features instead of debugging and improvements, so expect another update soon.