202works changelog
202works changelog

60 Day Plan Look-back





This past month we completed our 60 day plan, and I wanted to do a quick retrospective on all the accomplishments.

We've installed an advanced monitoring system that gives us real time logs of all aspects of our system, which previously we were not seeing. Now I can log into our system at any time and scan for any recent errors, which is a huge improvement in the visibility of errors over the previous situation.

We've updated the userland UI. While for me UI is never complete, we've made some serious improvements, especially regarding onboarding and forms- we've solved some serious compatibility issues with major products as part of this. Some parts of our system were built with a little bit of haste as can be the case with startups so a lot of this process was simply going through our product and noticing every little inconsistency or problem and correcting. Consequently whenever I am watching someone demo our product now I breathe a lot easier knowing we've gone through it very thoroughly and on every imaginable system and seen all the bugs.

We've added several features too, the most recent of which I am very excited about. We created a list of companies with our data and with Owlers data and were able to see some incredible insights just by combining these two sets. With a little more work hope to roll this into a product in the future.

Data handling is probably the most important item in our 60 day plan. I went through our entire data pipeline and put in all sort of diagnostics to discover errors that before we were only vaguely aware of. We knew something was wrong, because we'd see problems, but now we know with certainty when something goes wrong, what is going wrong, and usually how to correct it. We made a few very important changes to the process logic after examining all of these diagnostics and saw a huge improvement in the new data we ran through it. Right now we are in the process of re-running all past data, and my expectation is that that data on our site will approach an extremely high level of accuracy once complete. Our data as is is pretty accurate to a point but occasionally we'd run into things missing or inconsistencies so its as though now we are going from say 88% to 99% accuracy in the very near future as a result of this work. While it may not seem like a great difference I think it is a huge difference in reality. If someone sees that our data is wrong they are not going to trust us as a platform, even if that data being wrong is not symptomatic of our other capabilities outside of the data.

We've made changes to the UI to make it more responsive and app-like. We discovered that some aspects of the site simply would not work on mobile and correcting this was a high priority whether it be styling changes (looks bad on mobile but does work) or more (it is dysfunctional on mobile in some way or simply will not work). This was especially true for the onboarding process. Some parts of it just looked awful on mobile or were extremely hard to deal with for one reason or another.

Right now my focus is re-running old data and then on new improvements to the profiles and new products.